Inês Tavares
visual artist
Breathing Space
site-specific work for hanmi gallery, 2013 | (all photos by Joseph Asghar)

silicone rubber and wiremesh

silicone rubber

conté crayon on paper (x2)

conté crayon on paper (partial view)

conté crayon on paper (detail)

installation view at hanmi gallery, London, UK

Breathing Space consists of a number of pieces produced for an exhibition with the same title at Hanmi Gallery, in London. I spent a week on site making work that responded to the current physical state of gallery using a limited range of media (drawing and casting materials). The idea was to somehow create indexical objects that capture details of the room I was exhibiting in before they vanish when the building is rebuilt. The resulting work is, therefore, a materialization of a transitional state of the site.

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